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Rachel Metriyakool

Not so long ago, I was only scrolling through Facebook as per during the summer vacation before I started a new leaf at university studying TV Production. My summer had been filled with productions from a 48Hr Film Project to little things with some friends. I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post about something called MPU and I thought why not check it out.

I read what MPU was about and how it was created for new voices to be heard while being mentored by the amazing MoviePilot team. I thought, why not? But I slowly came to realize that I was becoming a full-time student, a part-time worker at Coffee Bean and worked on film projects on the side with some friends, that it might be a little too much on plate. I thought long and hard about joining MPU, when I finally caved into the decision and signed up.

Upon signing up, I waited anxiously for my acceptance into the program. As I waited, I started thinking why not take on the challenge of writing about what I love. I can do that on tumblr easily but maybe MPU was able to teach me something new, help me find my voice amongst all the other creators. I always wanted to write but never thought I had the capabilities to write for something such as Moviepilot but I took a challenge and was determined to cross the finish line.

Once I was accepted into the program, I went through a few phases:

1. Anxiety and Excitement

I was excited to be part of the program and couldn't wait to start but another part of me felt anxious because of what people would say or maybe my writing wasn't interesting enough to read.

2. Confidence

After some thinking, I gained some confidence and decided who's the judge what I say or what my opinion is, I'm merely voicing my own opinions. I decided I wouldn't let comments stop me from becoming a better writer and contributor on Moviepilot.

3. Self-Determination

After reading the guidelines, I was determined to finish those 4 articles each week within a timely manner for myself and my mentor. I began to set a goal for myself and who would've thought it helped me in school too. Being able to set a weekly goal for myself, I worked almost non-stop. Constantly writing, researching, or revising. 24 articles in 6 weeks, challenge accepted.

Finally, 6 Weeks and 24 Articles Later:

I did it. I crossed that finished. 24 articles and 6 weeks later, I crossed the finish and met my goal. Not only did I have a fabulous experience but I met great people through the program who helped me with ideas. Sure, I still have minor grammar errors but no one is perfect and I'm still learning as I go. I was able to go to an early screening for a film and wrote a piece on it. I never thought I would get a chance to do something like that in my lifetime but it was a great opportunity.

These 6 weeks were tough but I completed them and I can't wait to contribute to Moviepilot. My voice can finally be heard along with many others. MPU gave me that opportunity to find my own voice in writing, gave me more confidence in my writing, and allowed me to have fun (And I never have fun writing). Anyone else who wants to take on the challenge of MPU, I recommend it 100%. Take on the challenge. Challenge yourself. You will meet great people and the mentors and the MP team are just amazing people.


6 weeks and 24 articles, would you want to take on MPU?


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