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Ever since episode 15: Scarecrow on season 1, these two-future villains: Penguin & Edward (Riddler) have met for the 1st time since the beginning of Gotham!

I thought that these have never continue to get along & meet again, but it turns out since "Tonight's the night", Ed have found Penguin in the middle of forest in that house & take him to his place (ever since that penguin got shot).

Since season 1, all ever that the show on season 1 has been focus on is the penguin. But for that moment, I though that the penguin wasn't that going to be that much twice as popular villain to be focus on the show. But instead, it was such a big deal & everything was so awesome to have Robin Lord Taylor to play Oswald/Penguin. He's been into comic cons, ford cars commercial & also getting revenge on Fish Mooney (the way that she treated him badly).

At the 1st season, he didn't like to be call "Penguin" but everything's different now. He's becoming the king of Gotham, the 1st villain to become the penguin earlier & join forces with Edward Nygma (the future riddler).

Right now, I have a list of my top 5 murdering scene that penguin have kill.

5. Penguin kills Mr. Yatsko.

4. Penguin kills the guy.

3. Penguin kills 2-boys.

2. Penguin kills the fisherman for a tuna sandwich.

1. Penguin kills Fish Mooney.

These penguin murdering scenes is just so unstoppable & I like it!

And now for Edward Nygma.

Well...... Let's just say that he have only kill Officer Dougherty,

But in the entire season 1, he was just being a normal behavior citizen.

But, I have a feeling on season 2 he'll rise himself up to become a villain (The future Riddler). So he did. But one of his murdering scene that I like is him struggling ms. Kringle.

It was so sad! It was so ironic. What's going to happen when if they will find her body? Nobody knows. But on the other hand, Edward begins his riddler sense of character.

Here's 5 more the videos before everything is finish.

Now that one more episode will come til Monday the 23rd, I would like to see when The penguin & the Riddler work together to become unstoppable on season 2!

The Penguin meets The Riddler.
The Penguin meets The Riddler.

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