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Hercules is one of my all-time favorite Disney animated films, and for good reason. Between the hilarious situations, the incredible characters, and the powerful message of strength and morality, it's definitely one of Disney's best movies.

The Muses were my favorite part of the film, as they could sing, dance, and kept the movie flowing. They were also incredibly hilarious, often being the comedic break during some rather tragic moments.

Another one of my most favorite characters was Hades, the cool blue god of the Underworld who talked fast and got heated really quickly.

A cosplayer known as Hope has created an incredible Hades get-up, deep blue hair and all. And might I say she looks incredibly fierce!

Cold stone heart, but just look at those fiery eyes

This deadly queen isn't afraid to kill... with her sick cosplay, that is

Hades is my absolute favorite villain, and this cosplayer has absolutely knocked it out of the park! Or should I say, Underworld.

[Source: DeviantArt]


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