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Originally from my blog "Simba's Pride News"

This couldn't wait until tomorrow, we've got yet another behind the scenes clip that shows us some more Kiara scenes!

The clip has her and Tiifu on the prowl, tracking gazelles.

I wonder Zuri is. Maybe she got separated, or decided tracking would get her fur dirty.

Eden Riegel is not in the video, but many other voice actors are, including Tiifu's voice actress, Sarah Hyland (Who voices Theresa Fowler on my favorite show of all time Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.) She tells us she was little when The Lion King came out, but she loves it and is excited to be part of it!

In other Lion Guard news, there's a clip of Kion signing his song, "It is Time" All the songs so far are pretty catchy.


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