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Half the herd is still being led away by Sasha Abraham and Darryl. The problem was upon reaching a town, what seemed to be the wolves or some other hostile group started shooting splitting up the small group that was left. Daryl had multiple close calls while the dichotomy between Abraham and Sasha grew deeper.

We ended up spending a lot of time with Daryl. He was captured by a trio that seemed to be generally benevolent. What was interesting was the effect the wolves have had on the surrounding area. They have made the people beyond scared. They say they don’t take chances, but the trust was too much. Still, when Daryl had a chance to run he did. He just didn’t stay away long because when it really comes down to it he is a good guy. In every way, Daryl is the kind of guy you can rely on. He may be rough around the edges, but he has a good heart. We’ve seen him grow for a long time, but from the beginning he was always a guy who cares about others too much. He’s the kind who feels like he needs to protect those he can. Since they didn’t part on friendly terms it is likely that we have not seen the last of them.

Sasha and Abraham were stuck in an awkward position. They opted to stay put rather than head back to Alexandria in hopes of meeting up with Daryl again. However the more we spent with Abraham the more clear it became that he was on his own personal suicide mission. He wasn’t trying to out right die, but he stopped caring. He’s like a soldier without a mission and he doesn’t know what to do next. It’s making him reckless. Despite all this he still believes that he has purpose. He’s trying to play the hero. He’s using Sasha’s former state as an excuse for him to keep going. To have an outlet.

Then there is Sasha. She had really lost it recently, but now turned zen. I’m not exactly sure when everything changed. If it was laying in a pile of dead or finally having something constructive to do, but she has it together now in a way she hadn’t previously. It was necessary with her paired with Abraham. They balanced each other, but neither of them made any real progress. It was clear that Abraham seems interested in Sasha. I don’t see that ending well.


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