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Props to David Alexander Speaker for being first to give his thoughts on a potential Disney Infinity film. He makes some good points as to why the film makes sense and I'm only going to tack a bit onto that, so make sure to read his first! I'm really going to go into some possible plot ideas and what characters really need to be focus on if the film is made.

First off, in addition to the excellent points David made in his post, this movie now has forerunners that prove it can work and be seen as more than just a cash grab. LEGO Movie is practically one big advertisement, but the great story and characters makes the audience not feel that way. The other two movies that can make this one work are Wreck-it-Ralph and Toy Story. Wreck-it-Ralph establishes video game characters having lives outside of their video game antics, echoing Toy Story's ethos of life after playtime. Since Disney Infinity is actually a video game in which the characters are specifically toy-like, rules from both of these familiar franchises could be integrated with relative ease.

Now let's dive into some details.


There's absolutely no doubt in my mind who should be recruited to direct this film should it be pitched: Brad Bird. Director of such highly-regarded movies as Iron Giant, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille, Bird has shown a great talent for pacing, plot, and character depth. Sure, his most recent outing for Disney (Tomorrowland) was a bit jumbled and failed at the box office, but it is his only directorial misstep. He already works for Disney and his roots are in animation. If any director could handle so many popular characters in an ensemble cast while providing story and action, it's going to be Bird.


Choosing a director wasn't too challenging. Choosing the right characters to focus on, however, is a monumental task. Protagonist options range from Luke Skywalker to Captain America to Aladdin. Heck, even Joy could be a protagonist. Antagonist is an even tougher pick, with great villains such as Maleficent, Darth Vader, Ultron, and Loki to choose from. I'm going to attempt to sort out how the cast can be trimmed down a bit.


This is the obvious first pick if you're making this film. Not only is Ralph a lovable character that could also kick butt, his innate understanding of transcending video games and entering others could be essential to making this film work. It's also nice to note that this would finally give Ralph a game where he could be the hero.


Ultron is the perfect fit to be the big bad of this entire film, since his character is also rooted in existing within the electronic world. Not to mention James Spader's wonderful voice work. The drawback is with so many more iconic villains to choose from, Ultron seems like a somewhat dull choice.Another similarly great choice that would make sense with Ralph as the main protagonist would be Turbo/King Candy, but his character was unfortunately killed off in the movie, and Disney Infinity has not made him a character in the game.

Captain America/Jack Sparrow

This duo would be gold. Captain America's strict sense of morality against Sparrow's dubious methods and loyalties would have the two sparring for the span of the flick. They would both bring good action to the film as well, and I personally want to hear Sparrow complain about how everyone addresses Steve as captain, but never him.

Iron Man

If you're going to have Depp reprising his iconic Sparrow role, I have to hope Robert Downey, Jr. would get to tag along as well. The comedic styles of these two would work so well together, and they'd enjoy teaming up on Captain America. He could be the regular Iron Man or Hulkbuster, but I think it works better as the original, since Ralph is already the big/strong type. If Ultron is the main villain, it's just one more reason to make Iron Man a part of the team.

Darth Vader/Maleficent

Despite the fact that Disney went with the horrendous live-action form of Maleficent, it's clear she is one of the best characters in the game, and the original Maleficent ranks as Disney's all-time best villain. She may be challenged for that role now though, as Disney got one of the other favorites in Darth Vader when they got the rights to Star Wars. The biggest obstacle here is figuring out who the lead villain is, or if they all may be working selfishly towards their own goals while appearing to work as a team, with plans to betray the others once they have what they want. It seems to make sense though since this game lends itself to ensembles, that the villains would team up in order to pose a stronger threat.

Nick Fury

I'm not sure exactly how useful he is in the video game, but if the villains really are concocting a scheme and teaming up, Fury could be used well as a driving force behind uniting these very different Disney characters. After all, that's what he did to put together the Avengers.

Sam Flynn/ Quorra

This is just another obvious choice due to the fact that the setting of the film is a video game. The more characters that can be fit in that have a characteristic knowledge of how to traverse within the electronic world could be crucial to pushing the scope of this story. These would be best off serving in smaller roles, maybe helping our hero team navigate through a specifically hard area, or perhaps our heroes will end up in Tron itself.


This post is getting pretty long, so I'm wrapping it up here, but I will post more on it later with who I think should be on the official Infinity team. I'll add in some girl power with up to three out of Elsa, Ahsoka, Black Widow, Merida, Gamora, and Mulan. The key is not to overdo any one type of fighter (Ralph rules out Hulk, Thor, Hulkbuster, Sulley, etc. at least to begin with.) I also won't want to take too many out of each franchise, so depending on some plot ideas, the team may end up a bit small and less powerful than some might hope. But we'll leave that open for next time.


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