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The ATCU got infiltrated by SHIELD, the true origin for a sinister organization was revealed, and Dr. Garner is now in Ward's hands (he may be a bad guy but he sure kicks ass). But there were a few moments here and there that gave a little hat tip to previous and potential future MCU movies.

Bobbi's Batons

I gotta admit, that fight scene where Bobbi is able to control where her batons fly is pretty cool. They were up against an INHUMAN working for HYDRA, and yet she was able to take him on and knock him out! It's moments like these that make the show all the more worth watching. Also, it was a cool nod to both Thor's hammer control and Captain America's magnetic shield.

Wait for it...
Wait for it...

Another Monolith, same planet

At the end of the episode, Malick shows Ward another piece of the fabled Monolith, one that's so tiny it's actually kind of adorable (Ant-Man could fit through). He also talks about what they need to learn about it from SHIELD. After all, Simmons is the first person in history to go to that dark planet and come back.

I don't know what kind of place that is, but it's definitely heading into 'Guardians of the Galaxy' territory, and is proving that the show is sure to be around until 'Infinity War'.

HYDRA is older than we think

Get ready to have everything you thought you knew about HYDRA turned upside down in 3...2...1.

HYDRA was first created when an Inhuman was banished to the planet many thousands of years. The monolith was passed down through generations in an attempt to go back and save him. Now with a growing army of Inhumans on their side, it seems that their goal of world domination is closer than ever. All it takes is a little SHIELD intel...

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