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The MMO World of Warcraft celebrates 11 years of activity. A milestone that is not for everyone and to celebrate the event, Blizzard is sending special packages with gifts to its players.

The celebration began this morning and will last until November 30. All players bind during this period, will unlock the achievement "WoW's 11th Anniversary."

The in-game items include two 'Wands' special one to become a party member in a gnoll and the other a Murloc. There is also a 'Costume Set' Edwin VanCleef and an inflatable version of Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. The celebration package also provides access to a buff that gives 11% increase in the conquest of experience and reputations for 1 hour.

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Blizzard invites its players to join the celebrations on Twitter with the hashtag # 11YearsofWoW to share best memories of the game officially goes beyond a decade.

The next expansion to the MMO called World of Warcraft: Legion, will the Burning Legion once again as the main threat to Azeroth and is scheduled for 21 September 2016. The opening cinematic was shown during the last BlizzCon, do not let to review the trailer below.

Aftermath: BlizzCon 2015 - Two days to celebrate Blizzard work

During the last presentation of financial results with investors, Activision Blizzard said do not intend to continue to report the number of active subscribers in WoW. Instead, the company intends to focus on other types of metrics related to the profitability of game. We know that at the time the subscriber numbers have fallen to 5.5 million.

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