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Before I begin, let me just say

SPOILERS FOR 'AGENTS OF SHIELD' SEASON 3 EPISODE 8 (That's why I wrote the title like that, if you were wondering).

We all good? Let's begin.

Agents of SHIELD is a show full of twists and the most recent episode was no different. There were allusions to a possible future with Ward defending himself with a shield and displaying even more varied fighting styles (I don't care what anyone says, he's Taskmaster), some major development for Fitz and Simmons and a Magneto stand-in character.

One major twist though is that we're one step closer to finding out the identity of the being on the planet Simmons got sent to. I put out my theory for what that planet was HERE, but I'm here to talk today about what that being on the planet was.

We know because of Gideon Malick that the being is an Inhuman (so not Death) so powerful that it was banished. It's obviously evil, given Hydra's need for it in their arsenal and because it kills people, so we're assuming it's not someone like Black Bolt. I also think it's someone more menacing than characters like Randac and Agon. It also needs an army of Inhumans with which to take the world. So without further ado, here's 5 theories as to who that Inhuman is:

5. Maelstrom

Maelstrom is a dangerous and villainous Inhuman. He also loves control and it the type of person who would want an army. Maelstrom also has a history of exile and is just at the right level of obscurity to be an Agents of SHIELD villain

4. Maximus The Mad

Maximus is no stranger to being banished/exiled/imprisoned. He spends most of his life in that position. He's also powerful enough to be able to do so. He has also had an Inhuman army before and has extreme megalomania. The only two reasons why he's at 4 is his age (which might be a problem given that the planet creature is "ancient") and the fact that he'll probably end up being the major villain in the Inhumans movie.

3. The Unspoken

The Unspoken is ancient enough and powerful enough to be the one on the planet. He has a history with getting exiled and his relative obscurity to the rest of the Marvel universe and his recent re-ignition of relevance makes him perfect for an Agents of SHIELD villain. He also somewhat bears a physical resemblance to the being on the planet

2. Thane

Thane could prove to be a major link to the films if he's introduced. He's the son of Thanos and his death touch is a power that suits the being on the planet. Given the nature of blurred lines of good and evil, Thane could prove to be a weapon Hydra meant to wield, but ends up against them to team up against Thanos.

1. An Original Character (An Apocalypse Stand-In)

I think the character will be an original character and will act as a stand-in for Apocalypse from the X-Men comics. He's an ancient mutant with immensely dangerous powers, that was hidden away (albeit by his own choice) and built a following while he was gone. He's also obsessed with leading mutantkind into an age of strength. It'd also be a good way to challenge Fox as the season finale will be airing a few months before X-men: Apocalypse comes out. Even if it's not Apocalypse, I'm betting on an original character.

Those are my top 5 theories, but above and beyond that, I believe the Inhuman, whoever it ends up being, could very well end up being:

Will Daniels

I think Will Daniels will be the villain because he seemed to know a lot (although this could be from being on the planet so long), he somehow managed to "survive" for years and his love story with Simmons could be neatly wrapped up and make the decision for Simmons easier if he was a villain. He could be any one of the previous characters. Plus, he was never seen onscreen at the same time as the being on the planet. Maybe the being shares a body with what it deduces to be the strongest of the sacrifices (Will), which would fit in with the "survival of the fittest" mentality that Apocalypse has. Will's warning not to go to the being's area seemed more like he wanted to protect his own secrets. Maybe he was regaining humanity with Simmons. If he was any one of the previously mentioned characters, he could even control the weather and that's why the sun comes up and then goes back down when she escapes. Will might have been doing that.

So, what do you think? What is the being? Is it Maximus? Thane? An Apocalypse stand-in? WILL? Let's talk about it in the comments!

Agents of SHIELD season 3 continues Tuesdays on ABC.

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