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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
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Not every kid loves growing up with famous parents. Some get out of Hollywood the moment they turn 18; others go off the rails in spectacular style, unable to cope with the pressure.

But for a lucky few, like Reese Witherspoon's three offspring, having a celebrity parent is a blessing - it means the chance to be raised by a fantastic role model. So without further ado, here are nine reasons why Ava, Deacon and Tennessee can considers themselves blessed to have one of the coolest moms alive:

1. She makes a mean birthday cake...

Alright, so I don't know if Reese herself actually made this epic cake to celebrate son Deacon's 12th birthday last month, but the thought's what counts, right? And look at the detail: the ball, the gently sloping green, the water hazard... it's just a shame somebody's about to cut a huge slice of that work of edible art.

2. She's a proactive feminist...

Every actress in Hollywood likes to proclaim themselves a proud feminist these days, but there are those who talk about it and those who act. Tired of the lack of strong female roles available to women in mainstream cinema, Reese set up her own production company, optioned the rights to the bestselling memoir Wild, got the movie made and even played the lead role herself.

If you've not seen Wild, you should - it's the epic story of a woman who treks a thousand kilometres up the Western spine of America in search of a little enlightenment - but more importantly than the fact that it's a great film is that Reese is demonstrating to her daughter Ava that woman can, and should, pursue equal opportunities in their line of work. Go Reese!

3. And a successful businesswoman

Not content with just being an Oscar-winning actress and producer, Reese also has her own business, Draper James, a clothing line - and don't think that Reese just put her name on somebody else's designs, either. The clothes are designed to reflect Witherspoon's childhood and "inspired by her love of the south". You can check out the clothing line right here on their website.

4. With a great eye for art...

In honor of two things I love. #Coffee + #Fashion. (coffee art feat #Karl by @bernulia) ☕️ #FashionWeek #SurvivalTips

A photo posted by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on

Because when you get to that last bit of coffee in a cup, sometimes it's better to tip it out on the table and create some Karl Lagerfeld art than to actually drink it. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.

5. And design...

Is there anything in the world greater than waffles? Well yeah, actually - there's waffles decorated with strawberries and blueberries to look like an adorable cat. Breakfast times chez Witherspoon look like so much fun!

6. ...and fashion.

You may think that being well-dressed is not something a young girl should necessarily aspire to, but actually part of feminism is feeling good about yourself, so Ava is in great hands with a mom whose fashion game is always strong. Here, Reese looks like a million dollars without even trying.

7. Her friends are pretty awesome...

Knowing how to pick your friends is a skill, especially when you're famous and some of the people around you are less interested in you and more interested in the perks of being your friend. But Reese is a great judge of character, which is probably why she's hanging around with the famously lovely Naomi Watts, who is widely regarded as one of Hollywood's most generous, and genuine, stars. And when you come from school to find Naomi Watts having coffee with mom at the kitchen table, I imagine your reaction is something like: damn, I am blessed!

8. But her achievements are more awesome still

Look, being stylish and having famous friends is great, but what's really important is teaching your children something valuable, giving them the skills to make something of themselves. Ava, Deacon and Tennessee have a mother who won an Oscar in 2006 for Walk the Line and achieved a repeat nomination in 2015 for Wild. She's also the recipient of a BAFTA and a Golden Globe, making Reese an inspiring example of meritocracy in action.

9. And finally, she's a proud American.

If you're still not convinced by now, there's probably nothing more I can say to you that will sell the idea of Reese Witherspoon being an exemplary mother, but this Instagram snap also demonstrates that, despite having travelled the world, she's a proud American who has never forgotten her roots.

Which is why in proud daughter Ava's eyes...

...Reese Witherspoon is probably the coolest mom on Earth. And for that, we salute her.


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