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Don't go messing with Debra, she will smack you down without blinking.

Being a famous person will naturally attract a lot of attention from different kinds of people, they are the flames and we are the moths. And while there is nothing wrong with admiring a celebrity, some times people forget that these are real human beings and they take things a bit too far.

Debra Messing, who is perhaps best known for playing Grace in the sitcom Will & Grace, recently had an issue with a man overstepping some boundaries. The guy sent her a private message on Twitter with a very graphic and uncensored picture of his erect penis. Dick move dude!

Debra handled it gracefully

When a stranger sends you a dick pic there are several possible things you could do. You could always send one back, but that would require you to send a photo of genitals and as a celebrity this is risky business. You could of course just ignore the whole thing, which I assume is the easiest thing to do. Or you can handle it like a champ and tell people that this is wrong, which is exactly what Debra decided to do.

Debra took to twitter to inform everyone that sending unwanted photos of your genitalia is never an okay thing to do. It doesn't matter if the person in question is a celebrity or a mere mortal, nobody wants a genital surprise in their inbox. Of course there is nothing wrong with consenting adults sending such images to each other, but the moment you send it to someone out of the blue it's just plain harassment and nobody wants that.

If you are so proud of your anatomy that you feel the need to send it to someone I recommend sending them a message prior to sending a picture asking if this is something they would like to see. It's really just the polite thing to do, because sending someone a dick pic without their consent is basically the online equivalent of streaking.



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