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Shots fired!

It's absurd to think somebody would ever say anything bad about the wonderful Anna Paquin, but apparently some sad individuals just can't let us have nice things. When the actress recently attended the premiere of her new movie, The Good Dinosaur, she looked incredible in a black floral dress and yellow pumps.

Unfortunately, not everyone thought she looked stunning and Anna appears to have received some harsh comments about her appearance. Why trolls feel the need to belittle others is beyond me, surely there are better ways to spend your life. (Like leaving your computer and going outside, for example.)

Twitter reply

Anna took to Twitter to address the trolls, and her answer did not beat around the bush.

Take that body shamers! Anna knows she's not fat, so you can all just take your nasty comments elsewhere. Her husband, Stephen Moyer, is a very lucky guy, because Anna is one of the hottest women to come out of New Zealand. Not only is she sexy, she's also very talented. This woman won an Oscar when she was 11 years old, and she displayed a fantastic performance as Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood. I'm certain we will see more great things from her in the future, and we are of course very excited to see her new movie, The Good Dinosaur.

Source: Anna Paquin's twitter


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