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Happy Friday, Creators! The weekend is upon us, which means that it's time to go over some of the coolest posts by some of our new Creators. That's right ladies and gentlemen, these articles are awesome to the "est" degree and deserve to be highlighted. Now sit back, relax and get ready for some excellent reads. Here are this week's cream of the crop!

1. Is Michonne Really Progressing in The Walking Dead?

BY Written InBlack

According to new Moviepilot Creator Written InBlack The Walking Dead is just as much about zombies as it is about humanity and the human condition. Nonetheless, some of the humans on the show achieve less progress than others and it’s not because they are slow learners. Michonne might just be the perfect example of this; she's a fantastic character, almost mechanical, but just how much has she changed much over the past couple of seasons?

2. What Would a Disney Infinity Movie Look Like?


Are you a Disney fan? Then you're most likely in favor of the idea of a potential Disney Infinity film. Can't quite picture it yet? No problem, because Creator Troy SFL has got you covered. In his article Troy talks director, characters and much more. Can somebody make sure this film happens, because it sounds fantastic.

3. Incubus: The Nightmare of Releasing A Short Film

BY Alessandro Frosali

Here at Moviepilot we've got big love for short films, especially when they're created by our very own Creators. Incubus is one of these terrific (and terrifying) horror shorts. Creator Alessandro Frosali not only writes but also directs his own movies with his production company and Incubus is their latest release. In his article he reflects on the nightmare of releasing short films to the world.

4. How Mass Effect: Andromeda Could Be Better Than its Predecessors

BY Archangel

It's been almost four years since Mass Effect 3's release, and we still know next to nothing about the successor in the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda. This is precisely why Archangel, a big fan of the franchise, decided to go out and explore the aspects of the franchise that were favored and disliked by the fans. Be sure to check out his post to discover what made it onto the wish list.

5. 10 Characters That Could Make Great Super Saiyans

BY Brad Doyle

The legendary Super Saiyan, it has been the ultimate goal since 1999. Goku did it, Trunks and Vegeta did it, followed by nearly every Saiyan and half Saiyan. There are a ton of other great universes out there with characters and creators equally as worthy to ascend to something greater. New Moviepilot Creator Brad Doyle has created a list of 10 fantastic characters who'd be great Super Saiyans.

6. The Walking Dead Theory: Glenn is a Walker

BY Matthew Lupinacci

The Walking Dead has been the talk of the town for a couple of weeks now and I don't see it dying down any time soon, fortunately. You've got to love a good fan theory, and I'm sure new Creator Matthew Lupinacci agrees with that. Maybe Glenn is dead, maybe he's still alive... or MAYBE he's a walker. Who knows? Want to know more about Matthew's theory, then be sure to check out his post.

7. In Defence of Jubilee - 3 Reasons Why The Mall Rat and X-Men Apocalypse Newcomer is Cool

BY Tom Bacon

Personally I'm a huge fan of the 1990s X-Men Animated Series and I remember Jubilee being one of my favorite characters. However, many don't share this opinion and think that Jubilee brings nothing special to the table. Creator Tom Bacon begs to differ and wants to show YOU why she doesn't deserve to be labeled the "lamest X-Men". Check out his post to weigh in on the matter!

8. Which Water Pokemon Starter Are You?

BY Kim McNiel

If there's one thing all 90s kids grew up with, it's Pokémon. From the TV show to the games, from the cards to all the other merchandise, this show has a special place in my heart. Ever wondered which starter Pokémon you'd be? Well, today is your lucky day because Kim McNiel has created a quiz for you to find out.

9. Keeping Practical Movie Magic Alive with 'The Sub'

BY Dan Samiljan

Remember when movies used to be both fun and scary? It has been a while since we've come across a film like Beetlejuice or Ghostbusters (though a re-make is in the works) but FEAR NOT because Dan Samiljan is here to introduce you to one of his latest projects: The Sub. With this cool new horror-comedy short he and his team want to throw back to the tone of these classic, fantastical movies while creating something new and exciting. Check it out!

10. Demonic Birds Strike In Intense New Trailer For The Unkindness Of Ravens

BY Elaine Leon

If you're into indie horror movies then you are definitely going to want to check out this intense-looking Scottish film. The movie tells the story of a homeless veteran plagued by flashbacks of a traumatic event he witnessed while serving in the armed forces. Director Lawrie Brewster describes The Unkindness of Ravens as 'a cross between Apocalypse Now and The Evil Dead' and once you've seen the trailer, there's no doubt you'll understand why.

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