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There are many things to love about James Bond movies. There are cars, action, stunts, women, plot, cast, but most importantly, the outfits. Over the years, there have been plenty of suits, dresses, gowns, jackets etc. have been especially made for specific James Bond movies. It is safe to say that James Bond movies follow fashion.

The latest movie of Spectre, that stars Daniel Craig as Bond again, displayed some eye pleasing fashionable outfits. The ladies had their share of the spotlight with beautiful gowns and lush dresses, made for every season, but obviously the whole world was focused on Bond. His charming good looks, walking style and the way he wore his attire according to the situation was fantastic.

Therefore, with keeping that in mind, I just had a random thought. Women, who love the franchise and have watched plenty of 007 movies, at one point wish their boyfriend or husband could wear something to what Bond wore. Their style advises don’t end and they mostly refer James Bond to them. That’s when I thought, what if men could actually wear the suit or blazer or tuxedo Bond wears? That would be awesome! I’m sure plenty of people have wished for that as well and that’s when I started my research. Since I would try my best to save money, as much as possible, so I started to search on online stores. And that’s when I picked this store out of the three most reasonable ones. The clothing store name is Fjackets. I have taken a brief tour of the site and the reason I decided to go with this is the Spectre collection they have.

Out of the 20+ products they have, ranging from formal to casual wear, sunglasses to limited edition watches and much more, I placed my order for two products and here is their review.

James Bond Ivory White Tixedo
James Bond Ivory White Tixedo

The first outfit was the Spectre James Bond White Tuxedo. The formal outfit was spotted in one of the scenes in Spectre. Even though I didn’t adore Spectre as much as I did for Skyfall, this was my favorite outfit from there, so I gave it a 5 star rating. The first reason was that it looked trendy and well stitched for his torso. I’m roughly about the same height as Daniel Craig and I assumed it will look good on me as well. This actually available for more than $2000 on other stores but on Fjackets I got it for only $169. I will get straight to the product experience since the delivery was smooth. The packing was neatly done, not very professionally but safe enough for it to come out in a proper state. I noticed the quality was good. The wool blend was stitched amazingly, the, jetted pockets, buttons and lapel collar was made of silk, and it felt like a designer outfit would feel, first class. Lastly, the fit was perfect. I didn’t need to adjust my belly or keep pulling my jacket down for it to fit comfortably. I loved it! Everything was meeting the measurements I gave. The trousers were stitched in a narrow cut. I compared the movie’s picture and the outfit I had, very little difference. Even if there were, I wouldn’t mind.

James Bond Herringbone 3 Piece Suit
James Bond Herringbone 3 Piece Suit

The second outfit was the Spectre James Bond 24 Suit. Apparently, the good part about this product was that it came more neatly packed than the tuxedo, weird but true. Nevertheless, my review was 4 stars out of 5. I will break it down as direct and simple as I can. First, the vest… the vest was accurately fitting. The vest acted as a slimming outfit for me with the suit. I wore a t-shirt at first, so I felt a bit congested and started sweating a lot. I later went and tried on a dress shirt to give me the actual feel. I wore the vest first and it felt better. Then I wore a tie, and after that, I got a better idea about it. The vest was slim and gave me a very stylish appearance. The trouser was designed in a straight cut style so I didn’t worry about my legs looking weird. The buckles on the trouser of the suit and the tux were strong and it wouldn’t break that easily. Furthermore, the vest made me look lean and trim. After being satisfied with the vest and trouser, it was time to try on the coat. Now that’s where the 4 star rating comes in. the coat was fitting me nicely with enough space for me to breathe a sigh of relief. However, the sad part was the cuffs were a bit loose. I was expecting it to maintain its cut throughout the sleeves but it was a bit weird.

Besides this hiccup, the outfit was great! I was contended and very happy. I highly recommend this clothing online store when it comes to obtaining the best James Bond outfits at a reasonable price. The quality is incomparable and the measurements are accurate. Every single detailing on this outfit is stitched to perfection. If you need variety in any kind of outerwear, they have it too. You too will have contended feeling when you try on your ordered product. This was my review and I hope it encourages you to try on James Bond attires from here.


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