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(Warning - the following contains major SPOILERS for last night's episode of Arrow. If you haven't yet seen it - and want to go in clean - then proceed with caution...)

Now, the most recent episode of Arrow - Season 4, Episode 7, for those out there keeping score - may not have been the most Easter egg-rich hour of television that's ever hit the small screen, and it may not have come complete with a horde of major twists and turns that completely redefine our experience of the show - but that doesn't mean that 'Brotherhood' wasn't still filled close to bursting with awesomeness.

And, as such, here are...

The Five Most Important Things We Learned in 'Brotherhood'

First up?

5. Diggle's Brother is Back

And, by back, I very much mean not dead, as previously thought. Of course, that causes as many problems for John as it solves, seeing as Andy is now one of Hive's Ghosts - something the Arrow gang have to deal with through the traditional medium of 'beating the snot out of villainy'.

That, though, still leaves the little matter of Andy's apparent criminal past - something he admits is... completely true. This one's not over yet, folks...

Next up:

4. Ray's Really Not Having a Good Year

As he put it, having returned from 'the dead', only to discover that very few people were all that bothered by his 'death':

"I feel like Tom Sawyer watching his own funeral, except in my case nobody really cares."

And so, a certain group of Legends of Tomorrow surely beckon...

3. Thea is Immune to Darhk Magic

Or, at least, it sure seems that Damien Darhk's peculiar powers don't work on her, at least when she's in her 'bloodlusty' state.

Indeed, as she found after rebuffing his attempt to control her, his powers not only don't work on her, but they actually seem to ease her bloodlust - something beating the crap out of a random scumbag very much didn't.

Once again, this one's going to have legs...

2. Darhk and Oliver are Set to Face Off on Two Fronts

Both in costumed form, and on the classic comic-book battlefield of... civic politics.

That's right, fight fans - not only is Green Arrow going to try to kick Darhk's butt in super-heroic fashion, he's also going to attempt a similar maneuver as a politician, as demonstrated by his response to Damien's warning to stay away from the docks being... to get completely involved in the docks.

Which, you have to suspect, is definitely going to come back around and bite him in the ass.

And, finally?

1. Vlad Was Taiana's Brother?

Yup, that's right - Vlad and Taiana were siblings, which leads to an emotional confrontation back on Lian Yu... and not a whole lot else.

In other words? The Lian Yu subplot is definitely building to something - but it's not hurrying to get there...

The big question now, though?

What do you reckon?

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