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Batten down the hatches, Ubisoft have just released a trailer that will blow the bloody doors off! And if that wasn't enough, they have hired someone pretty special to guide us through the smoke and shrapnel.

Hollywood megastar, Idris Elba is back in the thick of it once again as he joins Ubisoft to promote their next big shooter. Known for his roles in The Avengers, Thor, Pacific Rim and of course the television series Luther - Idris Elba is one tough cookie. Who better to guide us through Ubisoft's latest teaser - today he is showing us just how brutally explosive Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is going to be!

Ubisoft have released two videos that will appear on your television screens later this month. They both focus on the apparent freedom of destruction available to players in Rainbow Six Siege.

The first video is all out - bombs in your face, live action hooliganism! Elba walks through various scenarios that the player will face in the actual game. He casually strolls through explosions and crossfire packing nothing but an attitude. This live action jem will certainly get the blood flowing. It also begs the question - should Elba be getting his own game?!

The second video we have today focuses on the unique skills that each members can bring to a team. It is an emphasis on how a team comprised of the right strengths and tactics can be unstopable. We see operators with sledgehammers, smoke bombs and more. Combining brute force with the element of surprise seems to be the key.

It showcases how players will be able to set traps, break through walls and even come in through the roof - there are "surprises waiting around every corner".

Freedom of Destruction

The thinking behind Rainbow Six Siege is that any situation can be carried out in any number of ways. From clinically clearing a house room by room, to blowing a hole through every single door and window - Rainbow Six Siege allows you to play your way.

This is a real shooter that allows players to really think tactically. I have known the pro players plan for days on how to execute a mission, and at the same time I know players that load up and run in through the front door screaming Hail Mary. The game caters to both demographics and for that, is one of my top choice shooters for 2016.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently on course to outsell Far Cry 4 making it Ubisoft's best selling shooter. With Wildlands and The Division still in the bank Ubisoft are in for one hell of a 2016! Siege will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC come December.

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