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Day 19 of 22


We have another new clip!

In this clip, Bunga and Kion tell Kiara, Tiifu, Zuri,Timon and Pumbaa, about The Lion Guard. Kiara has never heard of it, and scoffs at the idea of her little brother and his best friend protecting The Pride Lands.

Timon and Pumbaa aren't sure about letting Bunga join, due to it being dangerous (and as Timon adds, it being work.) Bunga tells him it's not Hakuna Matata to work, but it's Zuka Zama. This implies Zuka Zama directly follows this scene.

Picture of the Day

Here we have Kiara's cave painting from the family tree video. It has a nice simplistic style, and she has beautiful drawings around her. There's a nice simplistic Pride Rock with a sunrise, and some flowers. Kiara and flowers were a common combination in 1998:

Although not as common as Kiara and Butterflies:

Things to Ponder

"Does Kion know about The Outsiders?"

We know Simba is still protective of his cubs. He's worried that Kion isn't ready to lead The Lion Guard since he's just a cub.

Kion even tells Bunga he's not allowed in The Elephant Graveyard...I mean Outlands, because his dad said it was dangerous. Bunga tells Kion that Simba's just a fraidy cat when it comes to The Outlands.

Simba has also warned Kiara about the dangers of a (different) place called The Outlands.

He's bound to have told Kion at some point, right? How much does his know though? Does he know how of a threat Zira is? Has Kiara told him about Kovu? Or does Simba think it's not important, since they haven't attacked recently? Has it also come up to not go to The Outlands?

What I'm doing Today

Watching Chaotic and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja with my friend. (Randy Cunningham is a great show, and we're still hoping for a season 3. You should check it out)


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