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Dolls are inanimate objects that wither away with neglect -- they lie abandoned and get dusty, their coloring peels, an vacant eye might fall out or a crack might spread across their delicate faces.

Yet, now it seems that a doll has been discovered that's like no other and many believe that behind the mystery, dark forces may be at play.

A little girl's doll left forgotten...

A young family has revealed how for one birthday, they bought their daughter a beautiful little doll. As with most toys, the girl loved to play with it in her younger years, yet as she grew up, it lay largely forgotten in her toy box. When the time came for the family to move to a different home, the parents thought it was a shame to chuck out all their children's possessions so decided to put them away into the attic.

Apparently, even then, the doll was in good condition when it was put in a storage box and forgotten for years as the family went about their business.

Just over a decade passed before a time came for the attic to be cleaned out and they stumbled upon a forgotten doll. Except something bizarre had happened to it -- it appeared wrinkled and aged like an elderly person.

The arms had also become stiff, as if mummified, with the wrinkles continuing down their length. Only when they recognized the clothing that it was wearing that they realized it was the very same doll that was gifted to the daughter all those years back.

Whilst shocked at how an object could have aged exactly like a human person, it was the doll's eyes that really made their blood run cold -- they certainly weren't those of a child's plaything and looked very real!

Terrified, the family got rid of the doll, and it changed hands numerous times over the years as owners couldn't handle it's creepy nature. Today, it's unknown where it may be.

Could there be a rational explanation for this phenomenon?

The aging doll sparked a debate amongst many experts, with some arguing that one reason for the aging process is that the object's organic material had degraded or rotted. Yet, counter-claims are adamant that this would usually only leave a doll cracked and brittle, and not wrinkled like an old lady.

Naturally, many indicators point towards the paranormal -- in particular, there's a discussion that some kind of entity could have taken hold of the doll, taking up residence within it's plastic shell.

Or, could it simply be that someone out there is retaining their youth and beauty, whilst allowing an abandoned doll to carry the burden of aging?

Who knows, but it's sure creepy AF!

Reminds me a bit of the evil within Chucky in Child's Play:



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