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Metal Gear Solid's Sniper Wolf has always been somewhat of a 'hot topic' with both gamers and pop culture fans worldwide but today Konami have raised the temperature even more with their latest 'pretty girl' Sniper Wolf figures.

Following its debut showing at the New York Comic-Con last month, Kotobukiya has finally revealed a full set of color images of its revamped, re-'moulded' Sniper Wolf Bishoujo statue.

Kotobukiya's statues have been designed from the ground up - they have obviously kept most of her endearing features but have integrated the Japanese "pretty girl" design into the mould. They worked on her design with Shunya Yamashita who is famous for his illustrations.

The figure stands (or sits) at a height of 7.5 inches and was sculpted by Takaboku Busujima. You will be able to get your hands on this little beauty for $80 come July 2016. So, you will have to wait a little but you can always keep coming back here to enjoy the beautiful selection of images we have displayed.

If you remember, Sniper Wolf was one of the original members of FOXHOUND who participated in the 2005 revolt on Shadow Moses Island. FOXHOUND was led by Liquid Snake who carried out the revolt on Shadow Moses, assisted by the Genome Army. Sniper Wolf regularly took diazepam to help steady her aim which could be the reason she never fell ill to FOXDIE.

This latest figure looks incredible and I for one will be contacting the office immediately after writing this piece in an attempt to procure one. If you look really closely you will also be able to see a puppy and a gun - but you will have to avert your gaze from her brilliant pair of gloves.

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain was released earlier this year and received some truly stellar reviews. One of the best Metal Gear adventures yet - but alas I fear that we may not see much more of this great franchise after the removal of Hideo Kojima from Konami.

It's always difficult to see the end of an entity that has embedded itself into so many of us, especially when one has spent such a long time, literally decades, in the case of a Metal Gear. We have been inside the characters; we have suffered and celebrated with them. We saved the world!

But, never say never!

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