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Could a comedy movie have played a crucial role in the exploration of alien forms and UFO information?

New-Zealand based magazine about UFOs 'Uncensored' claimed that newly emerged footage is evidence that 'there were aliens in Area 51'.

Check out this youtube video that compares side-by-side the footage claimed to be proof by Uncensored and the section of the movie Alien Autopsy:

However, UFO specialists such as Isaac Koi as well as movie nuts have identified that this footage is indeed false in terms of proving the existence of alien UFOs.

The footage is the work of artist John Humphreys who has now confirmed that he made the alien life form himself.

The footage is actually from the comedy film Alien Autopsy featuring funny British double-act Ant and Dec.

Despite the recent debunking of this new information, it did not stop from forums and UFO enthusiasts worldwide from resurrecting the Roswell, New Mexico theory.

Some people are even of the opinion that this is part of the 'disinformation project'. Stories like this are getting leaked and receiving more exposure because the day when humans and alien life forms interact is getting closer, and so we need to get accustomed for this major step in world history.

The Roswell, New Mexico theory has been in circulation since the late '40s when a newspaper reported the capture of a 'flying saucer' by government officials in Roswell. Overtime, this fueled speculation about Area 51, the government's secret hanger.

In 1995, the Air Force launched an investigation into the crash. The debris was said to be part of a balloon project launched into the air as part of secret government surveillance programmed aimed at the former USSR.

It's crazy to think how a comedy movie has had such an impact on the UFO enthusiast community! Who knows, maybe this really is to do with the 'disinformation project'...


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