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In episode 11 we'll see Stiles fighting Scott. But the biggest part of the episode is that Scott and Stiles will fight for Stilinski's life. Malia also plays a big part in this with Braeden searching for the desert wolf. Lydia will figure out something about Theo. Theo won't cause trouble this episode, but something or someone else will. Parrish will learn something. Liam will have some drama, but Mason will cheer him a little up.

And what's new is the opening credits of Teen Wolf:,manual,manual,manual,manual

Check that out.

What also is cool is that their will be a lot of surprises. Jeff hopes to get a lot of views, because after this season their is a season 6. The Ghost Riders and another villain will probably be the villains in season 6. But we won't go so far.

What's cool is that Stiles will be funny again, but Mason will be funny too.

We can expect the return of coach and of course Brett will be back. What looks cool is that Brett fits in so well. But doesn't really gets the action. But he'll be in the opening credits even that he isn't the main cast, he will be in it with Mason. So they might get him in their pack.

Scott's pack includes Mason.

But in episode 20 the pack will probably look like this:

  • Scott
  • Stiles
  • Lydia
  • Malia
  • Liam
  • Kira
  • Mason
  • Parrish
  • Hayden
  • Corey
  • Brett
  • (Derek, Jackson, Isaac, etc)

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