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When Linkle was first announced as a new character for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors: Legends game, the internet went crazy. Some loved her, some hated her. The debate is still going strong and will probably not end any time soon, and a quick search on Twitter and Tumblr shows that people are very passionate about her. Whether or not you love her or hate her, you can't deny that she looks adorable in that green tunic. Her cute appearance is perhaps the number one reason why the yes-side has taken a liking to her, and several people have already drawn their own version of Linkle. I have scavenged the internet and collected the best fan-art I could find for you to feast your eyes upon. Enjoy!

Digital painting by Ryumi-gin

Linkle looks very cute and also mysterious in this digital painting made by Ryumi-gin. I wonder what's going through her mind in this picture, she looks very thoughtful.

Digital painting by Little-Miss-Boxie

DeviantART user Little-Miss-Boxie has definitely captured Linkle's playful spirit, and her eyes in particular are beautifully painted.

Digital painting by princeyarts

Linkle looks badass in this painting! You really get a sense of her fighting-style, and I can't wait to see her dual-wield those crossbows in the game.

Cosplay by twiliheart

Tumblr-user twiliheart put together this cosplay impressively fast, and this photo taken by Battista Photography is absolutely stunning.

Digital painting by azurmet

This painting, which the artists describes as a quick doodle, is very impressive and Linkle looks gorgeous in it. I really enjoy how azurmet has highlighted the painting, it gives it a nice glowing effect.

Digital painting by Kuvshinov-Ilya

This is such a subtle and soft painting, yet it is one of my favorites on this list. The eyes look incredible and I really like the rough lines.

Digital painting by thecaptaincandraw

This chibi-version of Linkle is the cutest thing ever, and I especially like how mischievous and playful she looks.

Digital drawing by solsorcery

I really like the style of this digital drawing, it definitely has a unique feel to it. The eyes in particular are beautiful and I like the subtle highlights on the face.

It will be great to get to know more about Linkle when the game comes out, and I am looking forward to finding out how she fits in to the already existing lore. Until then we will just have to enjoy some beautiful fanart.

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