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The Jurassic Park franchise, thanks in no small part to its latest addition, Jurassic World, is on a scale far beyond even some of the biggest blockbusters. It seems the same thing is also true for Jurassic Park LEGO.

Paul Trach and Markus Aspacher are two LEGO enthusiasts who were not content to stick to the official Jurassic World LEGO sets. Instead, they wanted to create their own huge Jurassic Park creation that incorporates all four of the movies of the franchise.

However, there were a few challenges. Firstly, they had to acquire enough bricks for the task, and secondly, they needed to collaborate over a distance of 400 miles. Y'see, Markus works out of Austria while Paul operates out of Germany, and although these countries might share a border, developing a LEGO creation over this distance that seamlessly fits together is quite the task.

They debuted their gargantuan creation at the Bricking Bavaria Munich where it quite rightly took the Best in Show award. Check out the completed collaboration, and its various components below:

Jurassic Park - created by Markus

The Lost World - created by Paul

Jurassic Park III - created by Markus

Jurassic World - created by Paul

Source: Brothers Brick


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