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Tyga is so tired of all the drama between Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner that he thinks they just need to spend more time apart! He’s so sick of Kendall making comments about their relationship because in his eyes, Kylie is a grown woman!

Tyga is not a fan of how much tension Kendall Jenner is causing in his relationship with Kylie Jenner. spoke to an insider who tells us that Tyga wishes more than anything that Kendall would butt out of their relationship and that they could “cut the cord” because it’s damaging their relationship.

“Tyga thought he’d shaken off all the haters like Blac Chyna, who were trying to cause problems between he and Kylie. But now there’s Kendall,” a source tells us. “Tyga doesn’t need Kendall’s approval to date Kylie but he’s shocked that Kendall’s not happy for them. Tyga’s never done anything wrong to Kendall. He likes her and compliments her all the time when he sees her. He’s not trying to break up their sister time but does feel Kendall needs to cut the umbilical cord that’s connecting her to Kylie. Kylie’s a grown woman now. She’s 18. She’s an adult who can make her own decisions. She doesn’t need Kendall or anyone else telling her what to do.Tyga’s worked so hard on his relationship with Kylie and he’s worked extra hard to get everyone in her family to like him. He gets it – everyone’s just trying to protect Kylie. But at the same time, he’d like for Kendall to cut both he and Kylie some slack and get onboard because their love train is on the express rail and it ain’t stopping anytime soon.”

Our source also tells us that Kylie is annoyed that Kendall said on KUWTK that she needs to have her priorities straight because she already does! “Kylie’s living her life to the fullest. She’s going to do her and be her regardless of what anyone says, including Kendall. As far as Kylie’s concerned, her priorities are straight! She has a thriving career. She’s purchased her own house. She’s got an amazing and talented boyfriend who loves and adores her. Kylie thinks she’s the sh**! Everyone starts to take jabs when you’re sitting on top of the game, even family, and Kylie’s learning that. She has nothing but love for Kendall but thinks there’s a little jealously there. Trust, if Kendall were madly in love like Kylie is, Kendall wouldn’t have time to analyze Kylie’s life.”


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