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Netflix Achieves 1.5 million more subscribers from Australia in just one month.

The video streaming giant has managed to get success in its business strategy of increasing its subscribers worldwide and expanding as much as possible. The video provider has recently received 1.5 million more subscribers on its platform from Australia in just one month. This data was attained by ACMA, a media regulator in the country.

ACMA has just informed that Netflix Inc. had 2.5 members by the end of June while in May it had 1 million according to research conducted by Roy Morgan. However the video streaming company has not updated the number of subscribers it has in Australia as yet. This high quality video provider is highly popular in the country, which is an open threat to other rivals competing in the global market such as Amazon Prime. 78% of the locals from Australia who were streaming videos online were doing so on the company’s platform in six month showing the rising popularity of the online video platform. The audience the company captures in the country are aged from 18 to 34, among these number the channel is popular among students or graduates from Apple TVs mostly.

Netflix TV shows have gained a huge amount of success worldwide even though for now they are not in0house but bought by other production companies. This also one of the reason the company is growing fast, in terms of subscriber worldwide because everyone wants to watch the company’s shows. Australia is one of the countries that demands high quality content and since other platforms are comparatively expensive to achieve the requirements, the locals prefer the video streaming giant over other platforms in order to watch HD content. The company has recently made huge investment in movies and other TV show so that it can make continuous additions of new fresh content with A class quality, it made an investment of $5 billion in a South Korean movie recently and has been doing so in other countries too. Many people are now aware that the video provider has plans of staring its own in-house shows very soon, it has already invested in this facility so that it is less dependent on other sources for content and has more right over the content. It has a business plan of expanding to 200 countries by the end of 2016, it has achieved 62.3 million member worldwide, 40 million in this figure are from USA. The company has also made decision to cut ads from its platform as it generates enough profit through the monthly subscription fees, the company is doing so to also achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Netflix stock closed at $117.10 on November 17 going green by 5.16%.


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