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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

The excitement for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice continues to grow each and every day. Ever since the Comic-Con trailer took the world by storm, the hype-o-meter has just been off the charts. A new Batman experience of course brings a brand new Batsuit and Batmobile to the big screen!

We have already been privy to the new, war torn Batsuit and have gotten a few decent looks at the Batmobile. The lovable folks over at Variant Comics got an exclusive trip through the Hall of Batmobiles and received some in depth details about the tank-like goliath. Check it out here: (Go to 8:49 to skip to the Batmobile!)

The new Batmobile is MONSTROUS!

If there is one fact that can make you truly understand the size and scale of this Batmobile, it is that the back tires are actually shaved down tractor tires! This Batmobile is 20 feet long and 12 feet wide! Jumping Jellyfish Batman, that is huge! With this version of Batman, they are implying that Ben Affleck has been the Batman for quite some time, so they have to bring those feelings to the big screen by way of a torn and ragged suit and a dinged up, war ravaged Batmobile, and they have done an excellent job.

All of Batman's new gadgets look amazing!

Everything from the suit, the Batmobile, and even the armor suit that Bruce Wayne designs to take on Superman looks absolutely fantastic. A high level of intricate craftsmanship is definitely at work here, and you can tell it took some mightily talented individuals to complete the compelling looks of each faction of Batman's arsenal. I am feeling outstanding vibes from this film so far and I cannot wait to see what Batfleck and his arsenal of Bat-toys have in store for us!


Are you excited for the new Batmobile?


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