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Back in episode three of The Walking Dead season 6, we witnessed Glenn and Nicholas fall into a pit of walkers after Nicholas shot himself. After that we saw that Glenn died, and now some people think he has died, and the other half think he survived. This post is how he is not dead.

Glenn is Underneath Nicholas

This photo is moments before they fell into the walkers, as you can see Glenn is under Nicholas, therefore it was Nicholas whose intestines were eaten. This leads me to my next topic.

Intestines are not that close

Glenn was not getting eaten here because intestines are getting pulled out of a chest. Intestines are nowhere near your chest, and if he was getting eaten alive i don't think he would be yelling with his head up high.

Glenn is in a Picture With Jesus

We have not seen Jesus yet at all in the show, Glenn is seen in the background. Glenn would not be seen in this picture if he wasn't alive.

Daryl and Glenn spotted filming together in an episode we haven't seen at all

This was filmed in the second half of season six so there is more proof that Glenn is alive.


Do you believe that Glenn is alive?


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