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The Moviepilot office was thrown into a frenzy this week, when The Dark Knight Rises star Joseph Gordon-Levitt dropped by to answer some burning fan questions in a Facebook Q&A session, and also promote his upcoming movie [The Night Before](tag:3424360).

Hey, Joe!
Hey, Joe!

JGL was obviously brought his typing fingers, and over the course of an hour answered a variety of different questions from fans from what his ideal meal would be, to chatting about his own project HitRecord, and many, many more (check out a selection over here!).

Not one to let a good opportunity slide by, I decided I had to try my luck at asking a question, so I delved deep into JGL's acting history, and found out that his very first feature film was the childhood classic Beethoven, yep the family film about the adorable St. Bernard. So armed with my recently acquired knowledge I typed up a question, and low and behold, JGL actually answered:

At first I was stoked to get a reply, but quickly my happiness turned to disappointment when I realized that JGL had revealed that dog-actor who played Beethoven (whose real name is Chris) wasn't quite as footloose and fancy free as his on-screen alter ego. Chris the dog was a total diva.

Chris, you may have fueled my desire for the last 23 years to one day get a pet St. Bernard, but now I'm sorry to say I'd much rather hang out with your co-star, 'student number 1' any day of the week than talk to you!

The Night Before hit cinemas on November 20th!


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