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Straight off the bat, I have never read the Hunger Games Books, nor have I followed this saga as a die hard fan. But this has been a saga that has caught my eye every time a new one of these films comes out, in a quick summary, the first Hunger Games was good, Catching Fire was great, and Mockingjay Part 1 was an expected disappointing, but now we are at the finale, and I will admit, it was one that left me smiling!

*Non-Spoiler Review*


One of the biggest positives for me is someone that has virtually carried this saga through is Jennifer Lawrence, an actress who continues to do a great job at showing conflict within her, and showing the consequence of those conflicts. She shines in an otherwise average cast of actors.

Another big positive of the movie is the action scenes, as the last book was split into two movies, we expect this one to have all the none stop action, and it did, a great example of this is what we saw in the trailers, when the group were underground, it was intense and thrilling, and it drew me so far into the movie, that embarrassingly, I jumped every time something happened on screen.

Another huge positive is the ending, I won't spoil anything here, but the last 20 minutes certainly made this movie, and it sums up the entire saga efficiently and effectively, it made the entire saga all the more meaningful.


My biggest negative of this film is that, because the movie is split in two, the filler time in part 1 allows us to explore other characters, such as Cressida and Gale, and thus the fans become attached to these characters. But in this movie, they just pass them off as extras, and the progress and resolution of these characters are either unexplained or unjustified

This leads me into my next point, because the Part 2 just made me wonder why the studio split the movie into 2, obviously to make a lot more millions, but splitting them simple detracts the story, and makes the first part feel redundant, as the characters that we see in Part 1, are then butchered in this one, because the story forces all focus on Katniss and her story.


Despite splitting Mockingjay into two movies did not do Part 2 any favours, the movie is still a solid movie, full of action packed scenes, god character development for the main characters, and an emotional ending that will make die hard fans of the hunger games cry, because they, and you, should go and watch this movie!


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