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In 2015, Netflix have been on a massive drive to expand the scope of their original series. We've seen Master of None, the new comedy from Parks and Rec album Aziz Ansari, which has been drawing raves whilst giving its Indian-born writer and star a huge platform rarely afforded to non-white actors in Hollywood.

Earlier in the Summer, the equally important Narcos took viewers to Colombia to tell the legendary, largely Spanish-language story of Pablo Escobar, whilst this weekend Jessica Jones drops, introducing a new dawn for the female superhero in which she's more than just an object of male desire. These shows, along with Daredevil, have made Netflix increasingly competitive, to the point that a Guardian article this week asked: Do Amazon and Netflix prove that the best TV is now streamed?

If you're wondering what any of that has to do with Bloodline, my point is this: Although it was the best new show on Netflix this year, in my humble opinion, Bloodline didn't match the level of hype created by those other series. Which is fine - it just means that the creative talent behind the show might be tempted to up the drama even further in season 2. Which is probably good for us.

Now we got bad blood.
Now we got bad blood.

Everything's been pretty quiet since I last wrote about Bloodline (check out Guess Who's Back in Bloodline Season 2 for any casting gossip you may have missed) but so much went down in season one that I still have a few things on my mind. So without further ado, here are a few of the issues season 2 needs to address:

1. How close will Sally get to the truth?

At the close of the first season, the Rayburn siblings think they've done a good enough job of covering up Danny's murder to avoid any unwanted attention - but a spanner is thrown in the works when Lenny Potts (Frank Hoyt Taylor), who's had a good measure of the Rayburn kids ever since he investigated Danny's beating at the hands of his father way back in the day. He knew then that they were covering for Robert, and in that brief flash-forward from the season finale he revealed to Sally that her children are lying to her.

They say knowledge is power - so what does Lenny know?
They say knowledge is power - so what does Lenny know?

The key questions are: how does he come to this conclusion, and how much time has passed? To build and sustain tension, season 2 will have to draw this reveal out for quite a while as John, Meg and Kevin continue to keep Sally in the dark. When the truth does out, she'll be broken.

2. Will the cops close in on Wayne Lowry?

In an act of strange poetic justice, Danny's sudden disappearance lead the Keys police department to the conclusion that his life had been ended by Wayne Lowry, the drug- and immigrant-trafficking Kingpin played so well by Glenn Morshower. Of course, Lowry is innocent of that crime but guilty of many more, so it wouldn't be the worst thing if the net were to close in on him...

The problem is, it also wouldn't be very satisfying, considering what we know, which leads us to a bigger dilemma: do we, the audience, want John to get away with killing Danny, just because he's a good guy? Or do we want to see the tables turned, for the Sheriff's deputy to see some retribution? It's a difficult one to answer - I'm not even sure where I want this to go, much less what the writers have in mind. What we do know is that there'd be no drama if John got away unscathed whilst Lowry went down.

3. What the hell was Danny up to in Miami?

We haven't seen the last of Danny (but she has)
We haven't seen the last of Danny (but she has)

Perhaps the most intriguing mystery of all is just what kind of mess Danny was involved in back in Miami. We know he was sending money back to his vacant apartment. We know that season 2 will bring introduce faces from Danny's past, including Ozzy (John Leguizamo), a "charming, violent, opportunistic wild card with mysterious motives". We know that he has a secret son, who showed up at the most stereotypically dramatic moment in the finale, just as life looked to be getting back on track for the Rayburns.

What we don't know is how these dots connect. Is Ozzy chasing a debt? How did Danny come to be in the position of owning a restaurant? What fresh headaches will Danny's son create for John, and, knowing that Ben Mendelsohn is back for season 2, will his presence be felt in flashbacks or limited to visions?

Season 2 is expected to air on Netflix in the first half of 2016, and if you're impatient for actual news, well, join the club - but keep checking back on Moviepilot where we'll have any updates as soon as they hit the internet.

Are you as stoked for season 2 of Bloodline as I am? Leave a comment below...


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