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As Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is almost upon us, and now would be the perfect to talk about all of the Star Wars from 1 to 6, and here we talk about the one that started it all, and impressed us all!

*Spoiler Alert*


My biggest positive to give the movie would go to Han Solo, the best smuggler in the galaxy, a man who takes no crap, and talks crap to others who gives him crap, at first he is someone who clearly only cares about the money, but as he gets to know Luke and Leia, he starts to get involved with the Rebel Alliance, and then becomes a pivotal role in the destruction of the death star, this character development is both efficient and effective.

Another big positive is the main villain, Darth Vadar, who is one of the last force users in the galaxy, the suit makes him look menacing, and James Earl Jones' voice makes Darth Vadar sound menacing as well. The best example of this is when Darth Vadar chokes one of the men on the Darth Vadar because he simply poked an insult at the force, calling it an 'Ancient Religion'. Darth Vadar is known as one of the greatest villains of all time, and for good reason!

Another big positive of the movie is the actual story itself, unlike the prequels, the original film actual gives out a good script, along with excellent acting throughout the movie. The likes of Luke and Leia both show good qualities within their characters, along with good acting chops, which makes the story all the more engaging.


My biggest negative throughout the movie has to be the changes made through the years, especially this scene with the picture above, with Jabba the Hut, this scene for me is better left out, because it takes away the suspense of seeing him in Return of the Jedi, as we keep on hearing about how bad he is. But because he is here, we don't feel as intrigued to see what he does, so why George Lucas had to add this scene in later on, I do not know!

Another negative throughout the movie is it does have a tendency to be very slow, a good example is at the very start, with R2-D2 and C3PO, and it takes too long for us to be introduced to Luke and his family. Its nothing major, just something that needs to be addressed.


Despite recent changes to the film, and some slow scenes scattered in the film, the movie provides us with an excellently written story-line, with a solid script and good acting, and also for 1977, there were excellent special effects that transformed the movie world! For me Han Solo and Darth Vadar steal the show. If you have not watched, you really should, because this is a timeless classic!

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