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As Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is almost upon us, and now would be the perfect to talk about all of the Star Wars from 1 to 6, and here we talk about the best one of all six!

*Spoiler Alert*


The best part of this entire film is the huge character progression done with all the main characters, including and especially, Darth Vadar, after the destruction of the Death Star, Darth Vadar has no one to stop him now, so he takes control and starts to get revenge against the rebels, he shows how merciless he gets by killing off subordinates who fail him. He becomes more and more menacing as the movie goes on. Darth Vadar is known as one of the greatest villains of all time, and for good reason!

Another character who takes huge character progression is Han Solo, who by the end of Episode 4, still has a cold shell and simple wants to get the job done, but, as the film progresses, he slowly starts to fall for Leia Organa, and protects her through multiple threats near the end of the movie, even to the point at taking Leia behind him whilst shooting at Darth Vadar. He was a good example of Character Progression throughout the movie.

Another character who takes huge character progression is Luke Skywalker, who at the end of Episode 4, he learns that he is force sensitive, we learn just how much when he lifts up he lightsaber using the force on Hoth (Great Scene by the way!). And then he goes to visit Yoda, a jedi master, in which he fails every test Yoda gives to him, including the visions he gets about Hans torture by Darth Vadar. And when he gets their, Lukes failure shows through him losing his hand, and Vada telling him that he is his father! (Another Great Scene). By the end of the movie, Luke learns some valuable lessons, lessons that might help him destroy the empire in the next movie!

Another big positive of the movie is the actual story itself, unlike the prequels, the original film actual gives out a brilliant script, along with great acting throughout the movie. The likes of Han, Luke and Vadar show great developments within their characters, along with good acting chops, which makes the story all the more engaging.

Another Positive is the action sets within the movie, with the Walker Assault on Hoth, or the Millenium Falcon going through an Asteroid Field, and the fight between Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker. The action in this movie is very well done, with no cheesiness about it.


My biggest negative throughout the movie has to be the changes made through the years, although some are actually better than worse, one that sticks out is the change with the emperor, which would make sense, except George Lucas changed the dialogue to accommodate the prequels, which is not a great idea, after the failure of the prequels, the last thing that you'd want to do is to tie the original trilogy more into the prequels, but they did that, and for me, it failed.


Despite recent changes to the film, the movie takes everything Star Wars to the next level, it provides us with an excellently written story-line, with a solid script and great acting, and also for 1980, there were excellent special effects that transformed the movie world! For me Han Solo and Darth Vadar steal the show yet again. If you have not watched, you really should, because this is a timeless classic!

Have you seen Episode V? What to you think? Comment Below and Let me Know!


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