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Meeting your idol can be a very stressful situation. What if you fan girl so hard, they are a little too freaked out by you? What if you freeze up and are unable to even utter a kind "thank you" while you have your chance?

There are just so many scary factors involved that could go wrong.

Some people, on the other hand, seem very capable of being in the presence of greatness, and are even able to handle being in the vicinity of their heroes enough to take a picture with them.

1. Anthony Daniels (C3PO from 'Star Wars')

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This golden guy must be so thrilled to see fans dress as one of the most amazing characters of all time. Just look at the smile on the fan's face.

2. LeVar Burton (Geordi Laforge from 'Star Trek')

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Apparently Burton was a huge fan of this fan's Geordi cosplay.

3. Ray Park (Darth Maul from 'Star Wars')

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Park's first instinct was to swing around the fan's lightsaber, which makes perfect sense.

4. Simon Pegg (Shaun from 'Shaun of the Dead')

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Pegg couldn't help but get a look at this fan and ask if he was his long-lost "brother." You have to admit, they look so much alike.

5. Dean Cain (Superman from 'Lois & Clark')

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Cain shows his buddy just how to properly show off that logo. He would know how, as he's done it so many times before.

6. Bruce Campbell (Ash from 'The Evil Dead')

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Campbell looks like he'd be able to take on any evil, were it to come after his biggest fans.

7. Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter from 'Agent Carter')

Being around that many "Peggys" might seem overwhelming, but Hayley Atwell played it cool and seemed to enjoy being next to a super-smiling fanatic.

I personally don't think I would ever be able to remain calm around the people I look up to the most. Therefore I am super impressed with the way these fans handled it all.

I don't think I could do it. So I'll resort to watching the films of my favorite stars without ever meeting them instead!

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