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As Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is almost upon us, and now would be the perfect to talk about all of the Star Wars from 1 to 6, and here we talk about the last one in chronological order, over 30 years ago!

*Spoiler Alert*


The biggest positive of the entire movie is the final progression of Luke Skywalker, this is most definitively his movie, he comes into the film as a methodical Jedi knight with a huge presence everywhere he is, but he still has to face the fear of facing his own father, and when he does that, he is on the edge of turning to the Dark Side, but he manages to fight it off, whilst giving a huge it to the empire through the deaths of Vadar and Palpatine.

Speaking of Emperor Palpatine, as he was properly introduced in this film, he certainly shows his power by not only great acting, but also through the power of the emperor, from persuading Luke to join the Dark Side, and using Lighting bolts at Luke, Palpatine proved that he was a force to be reckoned with.

Another big positive of the movie is the huge character progression Han Solo of, who comes out of Jabbas palace virtually a new man, and becomes the commander of the rebel alliance, it is a good example of how he transformed throughout the trilogy from this soulless money grabbing smuggler, to a commander of the rebel alliance and loved up with Leia Organa.


Simply the biggest negative for me has to be the Ewoks, they make no sense for the story, they slow the movie down completely, and they it makes the story-line illogical, as the emperor says an entire legion of his best men are on Endor, and the Ewoks take them down with Sticks and Stones, it just makes no sense. But because they had such a huge part in the film, it makes this a much bigger negative. George Lucas added these to sell kids toys, and make even more money!!

Another negative throughout the movie has to be the changes made through the years, especially the scene when the emperor shoots lightening at Luke, and Vadar shouts 'NOOO!', I'm not sure why George Lucas added this in, because you can have a scene without words and make it powerful, in fact sometimes it's better, so why George Lucas had to add this scene in later on, I do not know!


Despite the ewoks, and recent changes to the film, the movie gives Star Wars a great ending, it provides us with an excellently written story-line, with a solid script and great acting, and also for 1980, there were excellent special effects that transformed the movie world! If you have not watched, you really should, because this is a timeless classic!

Have you seen Episode VI? What to you think? Comment Below and Let me Know!


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