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As Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is almost upon us, and now would be the perfect to talk about all of the Star Wars from 1 to 6, and here we talk about the one made old-school Star Wars fans think their in an actual nightmare!

*Spoiler Alert*


I can't give many positives to this movie, but one I can give is Darth Maul, this guy should have been the villain throughout the trilogy, but he gets killed off at the end of this movie, this guy is menacing, ruthless and cunning, he can even take on Jedi Knights, whilst killing one of them (and should have killed the other). Darth Maul is probably the best outright villain over the entire prequel trilogy.

A slight positive this movie also has is the amount of Jedi Knights. In the original trilogy, they lacked Jedi Knights, and in this movie, it was interesting to see how they operated and how they fought as a team, but after a while it became it repetitive and stale, so its only a slight positive.


Where do I begin! Well maybe with the picture above, the young kid playing Anakin Skywalker has extremely poor acting abilities, but given he was just a kid, I will pass it off, but no one else impressed neither, Liam Neeson, a man who thrived in Schindler's List, performed at a school grade level, it was horribly cringe worthy, and sums up this movie.

Another Negative of this movie, which ties into the previous one, is the god-awful script that Lucas made, it shows that no one checked the script before pre-production, when the Pod racing takes up a large chunk of the movie. Lucas also though that it would be smart to focus into a political story-line, a film, clearly made for kids, does not use political words and stories to make themselves sound smarter, it actual has the opposite effect!

As well as script turning political, they also including the word that angers die hard fans to the bone! That word is 'Midi-chlorian', wow! There was absolutely no need to include this process, it just makes both trilogies look more stupid than it did before!

One character deserves an entire paragraph, Jar Jar Binks sums up not only this movie, but the entire prequel trilogy, he is goofy, dumb and completely unnecessary, I'm not sure how George Lucas can justify having him their (Other than to sell more kids toys), but it brought the film down to a level where there is no return!

Another Negative in this movie is the ending, despite I give credit for the Darth Maul scene (even though it was so clean and clearly choreographed), it still feels far to cramped. E.g. Anakin accidentally flying a ship and destroying a trade federation ship felt completely unnecessary and comical. Also the droid fight felt goofy and unnecessary, with Jar Jar Binks on the front lines, for no logical reason.


Despite the Darth Maul scenes, and our long awaited Jedi Knights, this films has poor acting, a poor script, and unnecessary characters simply ruins the Star Wars saga, and becomes a pointless movie when the even worse sequel comes out! This film was just made to make money, and you can certainly see that, if you have not seen this movie, then stay away!!

Have you seen Episode I? What to you think? Comment Below and Let me Know!


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