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Sabine gets her own mission given to by Hera to pick up a Currier. She takes Ezra with her and they have to use a special phrase to know who they are looking for to take them back.

Turns out its a small droid that they were sitting on top of the whole time and after finding the droid they are looking for. They run into a bounty hunter that Sabine knows, Ketsu. She mentions that they had one been in an imperial academy that they had escaped from, she mentions she works for the black sundown and that there is even a bounty on Sabine.

Ketsu shoots at Stormtroopers that that checking on them and they even engage in a small firefight until more troopers show up. They manage to takeover the shuttle transport ship as they escape leaving the Stormtroopers and the bounty hunter behind. Until Ezra ends up falling over board. Ketsu ends up taking down the troopers pretty easily by herself. Even escaping in her own ship and follows Sabine. Ketsu still plans on getting that droid and even takes out Sabine's hyperdrive so she can't escape. After blowing off the door Sabine tries to seal the hatch before she is forced out into space.

Ketsu tries to cut a deal with Sabine but while she explains her plan Chopper sneaks onto her ship and begins to mess with her machinery. When she tries to shoot her guns don't work out too well as this gives Sabine a chance to escape. She ends up taking Chopper and this forces Sabine to cut a deal with her to meet her. This leads to them teaming up in order to escape an imperial ship that has tracked them. Sabine makes a plan to blow up the ship so they can escape within two minutes before they come aboard.

The empire shoots at the ship and Sabine ends up getting knocked out as a result of the blast. Ketsu helps her board her ship and they escape following the blast from the explosives in the transport ship. They rendezvous with RT-2D and hand over the droid to them to give to Senator Organa.

In the end Sabine and Ketsu make up and Ketsu even considers joining the rebels, which could mean she will show up in the future.

I think what I like the most about this episode was the backstory we got on Sabine, we learned that she was in the Imperial Academy at one time and that she did become a bounty hunter along with Ketsu. This really makes sense why she has Mandalorian armor on. They really did focus much more on introducing Ketsu and she does turn around in the end, which makes me believe that will becoming more prominent in the future. Maybe to the extent of even joining their group, that's a stretch but based on how much they focused on her, I wouldn't be surprised.


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