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Mark Hamill is known for playing one of the most legendary characters of all time in perhaps the most iconic franchise of all time. With Star Wars IIV: The Force Awakens set to release in less than a month, the question in every fan's mind is where the heck is Luke? We haven't seen him at all in any trailers or promo images as of yet and many fans have hopped aboard the theory train as to what the character has been up to.

It seems that Mark Hamill is hiding a Empire Strikes Back-level secret for The Force Awakens. Sitting down with Games Radar, Mark Hamill went into detail about No Disclosure Agreements for Star Wars and revealed a pretty interesting facts from the original trilogy!

Han Solo didn't know that Vader was Luke's father?

According to Mark Hamill, until the screening of the movie, Harrison Ford had no idea that Darth Vader was in fact Luke's father due to an NDA agreement.

I didn't tell Harrison, or my wife because It would be terrible if she said something to a fan and it got out.
When we saw the first screening Harrison turned to me and said "You never told me that".

That is pretty crazy to know just how secretive Lucasfilm was with perhaps the biggest plot twist EVER! It was definitely a lot easier to keep a secret in the '70s. In today's world, it seems as if every plot twist is spoiled one way or another online, unless you are Star Wars of course.

Obi-Wan was supposed to be the VILLAIN?

"The original line was, 'You don't know the truth, Obi Wan killed your father. And [Irvin Kershner] said we're going to take out that line and put, "I am your father."...It was a mind-boggling plot twist...Now it's happening all over again. I'm not even authorized to tell you that I'm in Episode VII."

What a huge twist this would have been! This would have changed the entire Star Wars storyline drastically. The prequels would have been completely different, I just can't wrap my head around Obi-Wan being a villain! That would mean Vader is not Luke's father and Obi-Wan had hidden, evil intentions! Crazy!

Hamill is keeping a "I am your father" like twist a secret!

There have been many theories as to why Luke is in hiding and reasons for his absence. While one of those theories may be true, Mark Hamill revealed that he is keeping a lot of things secret for The Force Awakens. Is he Kylo Ren's father? Rey's father? Is he dead? Did he go to the Dark Side? Who knows, but expect something huge on December 18th!

Rey, I am your father!


What do you think Luke is hiding?

Source: Games Radar


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