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The early 2000s feels like the golden age of wrestling to me, maybe due to the fact that I was coming of age - in middle school - and I think I fell squarely in the target audience for the sport at that time.

My parents didn't really want me to watch, but I think that made me want to watch even more. Pretending to do professional wrestlers' signature moves on my friends was often a major highlight in my day.

So, calling all fans of the 2000s (is that what we call that decade?) most popular wrestlers. Here they are, then and now.

1. Brock Lesnar

Fact: Brock Lesnar thought that he could take his talents to the NFL and even ended up on the Minnesota Vikings practice squad in 2004. Sadly, being a massive human being isn't all it takes to be a good defensive tackle in the league. He went back to wrestling shortly thereafter.

2. Rey Mysterio

Fact: Rey Mysterio was linked romantically to Jennifer Aniston during his hey day. Here's what he had to say about these rumors that he claimed were nonsense.

"I have no idea what that was about or what it came from. Maybe somebody wanted to get my name out there and started the rumor. Anyway, I thought it was funny. I even showed it to my wife – best coming from me, no?"

3. Booker T

Fact: The Harlem Heat reunion in 1999-2000 with Stevie Ray and Booker T was a huge moment from my childhood.

4. Trish Stratus

Fact: Sure, Trish Stratus is a bad bitch. But did you know she studied biology and kinesiology at York University in Toronto? While she was there preparing to be a doctor she also played field hockey and soccer.

5. The Rock

Fact: The Rock had a rough battle with depression that he would later overcome in the process of becoming one of the most recognizable celebrities on the planet.

6. Batista

Fact: Dave Bautista played Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy and did so alongside another buff man - Vin Diesel, who played Groot.

7. Kurt Angle

Fact: Edge shaved Kurt Angle's head when Angle lost a Hair vs. Hair Match to Edge, at "Judgement Day 2002".

8. The Undertaker

Fact: The Undertaker is 6'10".

9. John Cena

Fact: John Cena is a decent rapper.

10. Triple H

Fact: Triple H's current job title is Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events & Creative for WWE. Official, I like it.

11. Chris Jericho

Fact: According to the Pro Fight Database, Jericho's overall WWE record is 171-234-25, and he's gone just 3-7 in his last 10 official WWE matches.

12. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Fact: Steve Austin, whose net worth is around $45 million, was once declared the most profitable wrestler in WWE history.

13. Lita

Fact: After her retirement from wrestling in 2006, she formed the punk rock band The Luchagors. The band released their self-titled debut CD on September 11, 2007.

Can you dig it?


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