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Originally from my blog "Simba's Pride News"


Looks like we've gotten another clip today! This clip has Simba scolding Kion for choosing non lions in his Lion Guard.

Two times Kiara is mentioned by Simba:

"Kion, Kiara tells me you've asked Bunga to join The Lion Guard."

"I need you to take your new responsibility seriously, just as seriously as Kiara takes hers."

This brings up some questions: In what way did Kiara tell this to her father? Was she trying to get Kion in trouble? Was she excited? Was she asking Simba about the guard? Or did is casually come up in conversation?

Zuka Zama takes place a bit before this clip would talk place. During that she seemed to be having fun with her little brother, Bunga,Timon,Pumbaa,Tiifu, and Zuri. So maybe she wasn't saying it spite, maybe she said it innocently without intending her father to have a harsh reaction.

We'll have to wait and see, this Sunday!


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