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I've really enjoyed The Flash & Arrow this season. Flash fell out of pace during the season premier but has picked it up for the rest of S2, and remains a great show. Arrow Season 4 has been a huge improvement of the disappointing Season 3, And many of us are looking to see what the rest of the season has in store. Neal Mcdonough is absolutely menacing as the shows new Big Bad, Damien Dhark, but something is off. Were still early in the Season, and Ollie/Team Arrow have encountered Dhark a number of times, which is completely out of character for the show. Season 1, The Dark Archers identity was not revealed until late in the season. Season 2, we thought Brother Blood was the main villain until it turned out to be Slade Wilson, the puppeteer behind the scenes. Season 3 we did not get the first fight between Oliver and Ra's Al Ghul until the mid season finale where as we all know, Oliver lost the battle and was kicked off a cliff before being revived a few episodes later. None of the villains have been as straight forward as Damien Darhk is. So I would like to share my theory as to where Arrow is headed and if not, where I would love to see it go.

So let's dive in. Last season on Arrow and The Flash, we saw several cross overs between the two shows, but never one that firmly tied their two story lines together. Who's to say the writers wont go a little deeper than the previous seasons? After Arrows tumultuous Season 3, a risk might be worth taking. If you remember, a few episodes ago, The Flash made mention of the Earth-2 Green Arrow, revealed to be Robert Queen, who survived the sinking of the Queens Gambit instead of his son. This is where we jump the shark, but maybe not, considering this would be a great twist. What if 5 years on Lian Yu and the death of his son changed Robert Queen differently than those same experiences did Oliver. And instead of returning to save Starling City, Robert Queen returned to destroy it as the villainous Green Arrow. This is where the plot lines of The Flash and Arrow could tie together. ZOOM and Damien Dhark are working together, and Robert Queen is the true big bad of Arrow Season 4 AND The Flash Season 2. And after Oliver's father arrives on Earth-1, he kills someone close to Oliver (hence the grave scene) and Oliver has no other choice but to fight, and possibly kill him. What better a villain to try Oliver's will than Robert Queen, his own father. This would be one of the most complex villain/Hero relationships on the show. Add in the fact that his father would be responsible for the death of someone close to him, possibly the love of his life, Felicity, His brother, Diggle, his father figure, Captain Lance, or his sister, Thea, and you have an amazing twist, one that would top the death of Oliver's mother, Maura Queen, in Season 2.

So where do you think Season 4 is headed? Whose in the Grave? What did you think of my theory? Sound off in the comments below!


Who's in the grave?


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