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Earlier this year, Marvel passed the torch of a number of their key characters into different forms to encompass the changing of the guard. Steve Rogers was no longer Captain America, and that name now belonged to the Falcon. Iron Man was removed from his power and became a "Superior Iron Man", who did more bad then good. The Hulk became a super genius by the name of Doc Green and he went out of his way to rid the world of all the other gamma powered characters. But, in the world of Thor, another change happened and it was one of the most controversial ones that Marvel passed, as the hammer of Mjolnir was now being picked up by another character(a woman no less), and the mystery began of who the new Thor was. It was a mystery that was solved by the end of the last issue of the series, as we learned that Jane Foster was actually the new wielder of the hammer.

But, even though the previous series was good and powerful, it had its drawbacks. The most notable was the idea that we couldn't get too much into the mind of the new Thor because there was a greater mystery involved on who that person really is. But, now that the mystery is solved, we were able to get more character development in this single issue then we got in the last 7 issues of the series combined. The Mighty Thor #1 is just that, mighty. Aaron, Dauterman and Wilson have me fully engrossed in Jane's tale and I can't wait to read more. This is a thunderous return for one of the best comics being published and I heartily recommend you try out this comic. But, the true heart of the comic comes from the pain and horror that Jane Foster is dealing with each day. People with cancer know the horror and drain that happens each day that the poison enters their bloodstream to erase that monster and allows them to live another day. The writing of this issue takes us slowly through that painful process, making it even more personal and powerful. But, as we learn in this issue, with each transformation into the hero known as Thor, Jane is coming closer and closer to her own death as the lightning drains all the chemo from her system, making it so she has never been treated. Hence, the cancer keeps spreading. This is a powerful concept and a way for younger readers with cancer to channel their emotions. Any sick kid would love to close their eyes and dream of being able to fly away into the clouds. This comic gives them that chance to experience it. Yes, there is action also. Yes, there is more mystery taking place also. Yes, there is even a cliffhanger ending that promises more shock next issue. But, this comic is about more then being a superhero. It's about being human and knowing our limits. Still, as far as first issues go, this is a particularly powerful one, especially if you or anyone you know has ever battled cancer. It can be a debilitating condition, one that can suck all the air out of the room - and the fact that Aaron and Dauterman have created a book for this underserved community makes The Mighty Thor that much more important. While the exposition might have been a little heavy in this installment, now that the essentials are laid out, I foresee some wonderful adventures coming. I give this issue a 9 out of 10.


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