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The Wayans brothers are known for cranking out topical comedies based on the most popular movies of the year. From Scary Movie to Dance Flick, Marlon Wayans has been poking fun at Hollywood since the late '90s. So it should come as no surprise that his latest movie will spoof one of the biggest movies of the year: Fifty Shades of Grey.

With the tagline "Once you go black, you never go gray," Fifty Shades of Black isn't holding back the punches on February's biggest ever opening weekend box office. Starring Marlon Wayans and Kali Hawk as the two leads, Christian and Hannah, Fifty Shades of Black might just be able to put into words just what made audiences love, laugh, and cringe while watching Fifty Shades of Grey.

Check out the first official trailer for Fifty Shades of Black below:

Even after seeing just a couple of clips, the movies definitely feel similar, but one of them is set out to make a serious mockery of E.L. James' work.

Fifty Shades of Black

They certainly nailed this intro sequence!

A movie that really wants to make us laugh

Fifty Shades of Grey meets Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine cover. Because why not?

It'll include other movies from this year

Move over, Channing Tatum! Marlon's got a hold on this one.

And even a Red Room of its own

If you thought the best part of Fifty Shades of Grey was having a good laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, this might be just the movie for you.

'Fifty Shades of Black' will come to theaters on January 29, 2016.


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