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4 years ago, a comic series was promised to us by the talented writing team of Brian Azzarello and Matteo Casali with art by superstar Jim Lee. Sadly, we waited and waited for this series to make it to the shelves at our local comic store, and it never did. Slowly, it became a series that entered the realm of "Captain America: White" and "Daredevil: The Target". But, with all great concepts, sooner or later they must appear for us to cherish and look at. Sure, "Daredevil:The Target" never came out and probably never will, but this one finally did. Plus, it came out at a perfect time, as readers of the DC universe were trapped in a world where The Joker was now a omnipotent being and Batman was a police commissioner in a robot suit.

Batman: Europa gives us the tale of a computer virus and human virus that has entered the bloodstream and computers of Batman, and has promised to kill him in 7 days. He must enter a different world if he wants to survive, and the only clue he has involves The Joker. But, all truths are deceiving, and by the end of the first issue, we'll learn that the two of them will need to work together to survive this caper. It's got its quibbling flaws, but who cares: Batman Europa is exquisitely rendered and the characters shine. I've missed Batman and Joker for years now, so this is like an early Christmas gift that's going to keep giving into the new year. It's a shame this book is only running four issues. One issue of the series is that we can clearly tell when it was supposed to come out from the writing of the first chapter. But, that could also be a good thing as it takes the readers out of the world of "The new 52" that they have been trapped in for the last 4 years. Jim Lee's art over Giuseppe Camuncoli's layouts along with Alex Sinclair's colors makes this a really pretty book. The issue sets up the overall story and will leave you wanting a little more. You can definitely feel the bigger story brewing. I give this first chapter a 8 out of 10.


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