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For the last 6 months, writer Scott Lobdell has taken us on a journey of what happens when a young man gets infused with the Doomsday virus and has a difficult time controlling it. That man slowly turns into an out of control monster when his fear takes over and he has a hard time reverting back into his human form until he calms down. Sound familiar? In addition, we were introduced to a number of the supporting cast that I can't try to name because they had no character traits to remind me of any of them. Oh yea, we also had his first super villain showdown with an alien hunter who took the form of a little boy with a huge gun. Last, but not least, we also had the gay roommate who was able to turn into Alpha Centurian whenever the need arose and evil needed to be extinguished. This was the first 5 issues of the doomed comic known as "Doomed". Now, we are at the final issue of the comic series that took the world by storm and showed us just how bad some comics could be.

Yes, this issue is just as rotten as the first(and technically last) 5 issues of the comic. The comic starts off with some action between Alpha Centurian, Doomed and Clark(Sorry, I'm no longer Superman) and a giant monster who can sprout baby monsters from her fingers. Slowly, this degrades into the typical "I am taking you in Doomed" story but of course Doomed has one moment of clarity and saves Clark from the evil finger sprouting monster. Clark of course then says again "I gotta take you in Doomed", of which Doomed responds "rawr" cause we can't understand anything he says. But nope, now he speaks perfect english and Clark says "you are more of a hero then I am so I'll give you another chance". Sure, cause the Doomsday virus speaks of being a hero. Then a dog jumps on Doomed and he reverts back to his old human self. Yep, what an amazing pile of rubbish. Overall, this entire series has been very "Hit or miss" with more bad then good. It's a shame that we got zero closure on anything that happened in the first 6 issues but I can't fully blame that on Lobdell, as it's clear he didn't expect this series to get cancelled before issue 4 even came out. But, he did give it a try. It just goes to show how changed the comic market has become, as a comic like this in the 90's might have lasted a while longer(think "Sentinal" by Marvel about a boy and his robot that lasted close to 2 years). This comic had potential, but I knew by the first issue just how much of a mess it would turn out to be. I gave this issue a 4 out of 10, and that's around all I would give the entire series.


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