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Now I know by now many people have played, seen, or heard of Supermassive's surprisingly successful interactive horror (movie) game "Until Dawn". If your not familiar with the game...A group of 8 friends go back to a mountain lodge to try to move past the disappearance of their friends twins Hannah, and Beth.

As an avid horror movie fan, I was adamant about getting this game, and it even persuaded me to buy my PS4 earlier then I expected. (I was waiting for the forever in limbo FFVII remake). The game starts with all of the 8 characters taking specific archetypes from the ghost of horror movie past. You have the nerd (Chris), the promiscuous one (Jessica), the sly guy (Mike), and always nice (obvs final girl) Sam.

Out of all of these 8 characters, I have seen one really make in impression on the fans of Until Dawn. That character is the ever so prickly Emily. During my first play-through of this game, it was almost immediately discovered that Emily was going to be one of the mean girl archetypes. Unlike Jessica, who had some redeeming qualities early in the game, Emily did not. She came off completely rude, and self-centered, and I was looking forward to seeing her demise during my first play-through.

Emily, was played by Nichole Bloom in "Until Dawn".
Emily, was played by Nichole Bloom in "Until Dawn".


While playing this game, and getting it on one of the first days it launched, I went into this game thinking it was a straight slasher with some SAW aspects to it. After several character deaths, and a shocking reveal, you realize that the Psycho chasing a majority of this cast around the setting isn't actually the real threat.

Up until Chapter 6 in this game, Emily was really grinding my gears. I was playing Matt (her BF) as pretty much her doormat, and she was still treating him like dirt when it came to some decisions. The climatic part in Chapter 6 was when they are both on a falling radio tower, and Matt must decide whether to save the distressed Emily, or leave her for dead. Now up to this point Emily was super annoying, and I was ready to leave her, but the good guy in me decided to try to have Matt save Emily.

Of course that didn't happen, and this resulted in Matt being involved in an event with a giant hook. The game then left that storyline alone for a half a chapter, and picked up with a still alive Emily deep in the mines around the mountain lodge. At this point I was like "how the hell is this surviving, since Matt wasn't there for her". She spent a majority of time with Matt ordering him around, and doing everything for her. She then seemed to always depend on his protection, which made me think that she couldn't by herself.

Now this is where my opinion on Emily started to change drastically for the better. Throughout this "Descent"-Like sequence, Emily starts to unravel the clues behind the disappearance, and presumed deaths of the twins, Hannah, and Beth. There she finds out the shocking truths about what happened in the mines during their disappearance, and what was really behind the killings on the mountain.

Emily during this period of time, is level headed, and very resourceful. Now I'm a sucker for strong female characters, and this sequence of Emily fighting for her life in the mines sold it for me. She was completely badass, when it finally came to her encounter with the Wendigo (the real killer). She uses her wits, and smarts to escape the mines, and warn the other survivors of the threat in the mines (Before the other suspected killer comes to reveal that the monster is a Wendigo).

Now if the mine scene did not happen, and I wasn't shown of what a strong character Emily was, then I probably would've shot her in a second, when it is revealed she was bit in the mines by the monster. But after seeing everything she went through, and the crucial part she played in discovery the real truths of the story, I couldn't make myself do it. During my first play through though I fell victim to the dreaded "RUN FOR SWITCH" choice, and killed everyone in the lodge including Mike, Ashley, and Emily.

The palm has spoken to Ashley...
The palm has spoken to Ashley...

After my first play through, I came to find Emily's bitchy lines way more funnier, and after the "Understand the palm of my hand" line I was officially a fan of her. Now I have read on comments, and blogs about how Emily was the worst character of the game. IMO I do not think that at all, and personally she's become one of my favorite characters of the 8, because she's always honest, states her opinions, and honestly at some points in the game she's one of the most clearly thinking people in the game (I'm talking to you Ashley). You always knew where she stood in the game, and with the characters in it.

I've read interviews where some of the workers on this game, have stated she's their favorite character, and I'm right there with you guys. Emily's mine sequence was one of the best sequences in the game, but I think it might also be because it reminded me of "The Descent".

While I know that a lot of people probably wouldn't agree with me saying that Emily needed defending, because she's such a prickly person. I say that they should appreciate the fact that she's always honest, and speaks her mind when she needs to.

Since playing this game, I have done two play-throughs with two different friends, and they both immediately took a disliking to Emily, and after the game, and I told them who one of my favorites were, they were shocked about my choice. But I will always hold a special place for my favorite virtual mean-girl.


Did Emily die in your play-through of Until Dawn?


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