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Andrew Brindley

Youtube is a place of freedom and creativity. Perhaps no one understands that better than Youtube creator forrestfire101. With over 600 million views, people are sure entertained and excited to see what this guy's going to come up with next.

Lego Captain America

In Lego Cap's first adventure, he's out to end a Nazi dinner party in style! Lots of merciless killing!

Lego Captain America 2

Lego Cap is back for a vicious face-off with none other the the Red Skull himself!

Lego Captain America 3: Nazi Zombies

In a world of flesh eating monsters, there is Captain America, but he's not going down without a fight!

Throughout the trilogy we see the progression that the creators have made and by the 3rd, I'm willing to pay ticket price to see a movie of this for sure. Well done, forrestfire101, well done.



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