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There’s no secret relationships going on with any of the band members.’
‘It’s not funny, and it still continues to be quite hard for them,’
‘They won’t naturally go put their arm around each other because they’re conscious of this thing that’s going on, which is not even true,’ Malik says. ;They won’t do that natural behavior.
‘But it’s just the way the fans are. They’re so passionate, and once they get their head around an idea, that’s the way it is regardless of anything. If it wasn’t for that passionate, like, almost obsession, then we wouldn’t have the success that we had.’

It was these words spoke by Zayn Malik, when he came forward in an interview defending his band mates against alleged accusations of homosexual activity happening with one or more of the band members from “One Direction”. Whether these accusations have stemmed from an internal relationship has not yet been established.

Not being a fan provides me with the ability to write this article free of bias. I consider myself to be an avid gossip monger, so this rumor was a little unsettling. It was the first time that I heard this story, and I was shocked… Not because I consider all Hollywood gossip to be true, but because I tend to look beyond the surface of things.

There are several aspects of this story that had me disturbed while pondering the nature of it. It is hard to believe a celebrity who is quick to debunk a rumor by us simple-minded commoners. A true fan is defined by two qualities. Dedication, and Loyalty. When was the last time you judged an idol by the type of cheese they eat? Or how fast they can send a text message? A celebrity is most likely admired for their talents. (Excluding the Kardashians.) Even in this day and age, where we are making radical changes in acceptance, a public opinion of a celeb is hardly worth defending.

So, then what could the boys of ‘One Direction’ be hiding? Perhaps a closeted band mate, they have vowed to protect. Maybe Harry secretly has a taste for the “other side”. There is really no telling. It really doesn’t matter. A person’s sexuality really doesn’t define them as an entertainer. Not to say that it cant. There have been numerous celebrities in the past that have meshed their professional and personal lives to create a character that people know and love. Some may use it as an outlet to fight the double standards and stereotypes that the public has become accustomed to.

Lets just clarify above all, that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Malik’s obsessive desperation to counter claims is not correlated with a negative opinion about being gay. I must address the sidebar that no one seems to be acknowledging. There is no person, who should be afraid of being his or her true selves. At the expense of losing friends, family or even fans a person must never hide who they are. A person who is considered and idol above all should embrace their identity. It is these people that we look to for inspiration and strength. I am not sure what Malik’s intentions where with releasing his statement, however to refrain from elaborating rumors, celebrities should really refrain from refuting claims from us simple-minded commoners. If you have nothing to hide… It should not bother you that much.


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