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John Malkovich (age 61) is the greatest actor of this generation and the past of all time as well. Acting in various roles and creating unique characters into Hollywood movies we watched over these years. John has acted more than 70 motion pictures over these years. My personal favourite was Being John Malkovich (1999)

On the other hand, Robert Rodriguez a marvelous screenwriter, film director, a film producer or all rounder I would say. Some of his notable works including Sin City (2005), Spy-Kids Series and From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

However, Hollywood is known for surprising us from time to time. From actors to the plots everything we've come across over these years were insane. But this time it decided to something "Insaner" I'm not even sure how to describe this.

In the collaboration of Louis XIII de Rémy Martin and John Malkovich, Robert Rodriguez made a Film which scheduled to be released 100 years from now on, Yep! You've heard me that means 2115. Rumour has it that they made the film and locked it in a Timed Safe Box which will be opened in 18th November 2115.

But Really Why would they do that? Still the mystery continues...

But no worries John and Robert has released 3 Teasers which does not tie the original film anyway.

1. First Teaser

2. Second Teaser

3. Third and the Final Teaser


Also, you can check out the featurette for the movie which our Grandchildren can watch I hope so if the world does not end so far.

But I have a solution if you really want to watch the movie.

Austin Powers
Austin Powers


What is your Favourite John Malkovich movie


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