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With first semester coming to an end, that means only one thing... FINALS. Yes, that dreaded word that can make any student cringe. Restless nights of studying, essay writing, and close calls to a mental break down.

It's okay though, because we all go through it. With that said, here's a list of Disney gifs that perfectly express what we're feeling right now.

1. Realizing that finals are literally around the corner

Wait- you can't possibly mean...oh will you look at that! Finals are in two weeks. Grrreeeeaaaat.

2. Denial, Denial, Denial

How is this possible? There isn't possibly enough of time in the world to study for all of these finals! You are in denial that this is real life and this is really happening.

3. Acceptance

This is real life. This is really happening. You have to get ready for what is headed your way.

4. You become super motivated

You've got your study materials, you've got your caffeine of choice, and you've got your music to amp you up. Organized and prepared, you feel unstoppable. Watch out library! We've got a real scholar up in here.

5. Too much caffeine

You've been consuming so much caffeine that you've become delirious. Friends and family are genuinely concerned about your mental sanity, but you reassure them with "don't worry, I've got this" as your body is uncontrollably shaking.

6. Snacks have become your breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Because you're always out studying, you barely have time to prepare a meal for yourself. Who has the time to do that? Like Meeko, you snack as you go.

7. You become mad after endless hours of studying

You don't know what's real or not anymore. Studying has become your life and you don't know if there is any way of turning back.

8. You become sleep-deprived

Must. Get. Sleep.

9. Finals Day

Today is the day that you've been preparing for. You enter the room with your head up, wait for you final, and let the fate choose your destiny.

10. When you hand in your final

Well it's been real. I'm leaving and I'm never coming back.

11. When you ace your final

Your studying payed off and the stress is finally over...for now.

12. Surviving Finals Week

When you and the squad survive finals week. Now go celebrate, you deserve it!

13. Coming home on a Friday

Netflix binge-watching commence!


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