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Cosplay is the basically dressing up as a character or thing from a tv show. Weather it is Japanese Anime or Transformers, people always bring their A game when it comes time to break out the costumes. There are hundreds of different things that people can cosplay, but Star Wars fans always prevail and outshine all of the rest. Here are a few examples so you can see for yourself...

Admiral Ackbar

This guy took it to the next level with his professionally made and extremely detailed costume that cost him over $3000!


These ladies took a different twist on the Yub Nub style making it fashionable but still fun at the same time.

Steampunk Star Wars

These guys decided to show their own take on the classic film and make it Steampunk. This clever gang has gotten attention from many many fans for their creativity and attention to every single detail.

R2-D2 & C-3PO

Even the younger fans show their love for the movie. These young ladies bring a young, modern, and very glittery view of the film to comic con goers.


I'll let you guys caption this one yourself. (Let me know what you came u with in the comments!)

Han Solo & Chewbacca

The duo prepares for the greatest battle that they have ever faced... Waiting for Hall H at Comic-Con.


Christine Dennis takes an hour and a half just to get her makeup on every time she goes out to cosplay!

Storm Troopers & Lady Vader

This trio takes it to a more advanced level with their hand-made costumes. And the Lady Vader is a pretty cool idea too.

Imperial Officer

This imperial officer threw his costume together at the last minute and it turned out to be amazing! With Lord Vader nowhere in sight, he was able to sneak away for a quick picture.

Darth Revan

This creative mind added a glowing effect to her lightsaber. She has said that she will never tell how she did it though because she doesn't want any copy cats.

These are only 10 Star Wars cosplay. I know for a fact that after the new movie is released in December the costumes will evolve and be bigger and greater than ever.



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